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8" Shallow-Mount Subwoofer with 600 Watts Max. Power
Audison AV10 Voce 10" Subwoofer (AV10)
Audison AV10 Voce 10" Subwoofer
The AV 10 project started from the Thesis characteristics. AV 10 subwoofer offers full linearity and elevated performance under extreme conditions.
Equipped with an aluminum basket with a great aerodynamic structure, a cotton-fibre paper pressed cone with Light Damping treatment, a Triple Wave surround in butyl rubber and extremely light Copper Clad Aluminium Wire coils, it provides a very high efficiency and a dynamic sound.

CompSingle Coil Subwoofer
Size250 mm (10")
Power Handling400 W Continuous Power
800 W Peak Power
Impedance4 Ω
Frequency Response30 ÷ 1k Hz
Sensitivity91 dB/SPL
MagnetHigh Density Flux Ferrite
DomeCotton-Fibre pressed paper with Light Damping treatment
Xmech23 (7/8")
10" Subwoofer VOCE 400w RMS
Targa TG-VM104d 10" Venom subwoofer (TG-VM104D)
Targa TG-VM104d 10" Venom subwoofer

10" 7000w subwoofer
Dual Voice Coil (DVC)
10" DVC Subwoofer 7000w
Hertz ES300D 12" Subwoofer (ES300D)
Hertz ES300D 12" Subwoofer

The Hertz Energy ES 300D car audio subwoofers offer a dynamic bass and are capable of outstanding SPL never achieved in this category of the market.
The introduction of the V-cone® technology had a big impact in the efficiency of the ES subwoofers, also improving cone stiffness and reducing the weight of the moving assembly, allowing a higher strength voice coil for a higher peak power handling.
The implementation of the surround and spider geometry, as well as the selection of the materials used, contributed to achieving unmatched mechanical and thus acoustical linearity.
This, combined with a drastic reduction of the Vas, provides the ability to achieve high undistorted SPL output in even small enclosures.
The Hertz Energy subwoofers are the perfect choice for solid, powerful bass in perfect harmony with improved vehicle integration.

Size mm (in.)300 (12)
Power Handling - Peak W1050
Power Handling - Continuous W350
Impedance4 + 4
Frequency response Hz25 ÷ 250
Sensitivity dB SPL93,5
Voice coil Ø mm (in.)60 (2.4)
Xmax mm9
X-mech mm (in.)14,7 (0.58)
Re2 (parallel)
Fs Hz40
Vas l44,7
Spl dB93,5
12" Subwoofer Energy Series 350w RMS
Alpine SWT-12s4 12" Bass Reflex Subwoofer (SWT-12S4)
Alpine SWT-12S4 12" Bass Reflex Subwoofer
With 1000W peak power handling, this ready-to-use bass reflex subwoofer tube is just the thing for big bass fans. A protective grille ensures that nothing sliding around in the trunk damages the woofer.
12" 1000w Subwoofer
Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 8" Bakkie subwoofer (TS-SW2002D)
Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 8" Bakkie subwoofer
  • 150 Watts Nominal Power
  • 2-5/8" Mounting Depth
  • Sealed or Free-Air Use

The shallow subwoofers are designed to provide wider installation options for a broad range of vehicles. These shallow-mount subwoofers feature multiple patent-pending features to deliver the big bass performance of a full-size subwoofer, but in a compact design that can be installed either behind or under seats depending on the type of vehicle. The mounting depth is just 2-5/8" - less than half a typical subwoofer in this class.

This 8" shallow subwoofer handles 600 watts max., 150 watts nominal power, and delivers deep bass with top-notch sound quality thanks to features like Pioneer's MICA injection-molded resin which gives it the ability to produce accurate bass.

Oversized Cone Surface
 The TS-SW2002D4 utilizes an oversized cone structure that provides greater cone and gasket surface without changing its standard external dimension.  This cone surface allows the subwoofer to produce louder and deeper bass by moving more air.  

Reinforced Cone Structure
The cone structure of this subwoofer uses a highly rigid cone made with MICA injected molded resin which creates a rigid and durable cone, giving it the ability to produce accurate bass.

Shallow Compact Design
Designed to perform in small enclosures or spaces that traditional subwoofers can't fit, like behind the backseat of pick-ups, the TS-SW2002D4 can produce a lot of bass without having to sacrifice space in a trunk or truck cab.  

Max. Music Power (Nominal)600 W (150 W)
Frequency Response20 Hz to 200 Hz
Sensitivity (IN CAR, INPUT: 1W)86 dB
ImpedanceDual 2 Ohms
Mounting Depth2-5/8"
8" Shallow-Mount Subwoofer with 600 Watts Max. Power
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